One Click Closer to Winning a Free T-Shirt!

One Click Closer to Winning a Free T-Shirt!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye Comedy and T-Shirt Fans!

This week, on her YouTube Comedy show What the Beck? Beck Flatley announced her new monthly drawing for subscribers of her channel. Once a month, Beck will randomly select one of her subscribers to win a free T-shirt of their choosing from Even if your kid accidentally hits the subscribe button. It still counts.

When's the next drawing?

The first drawing will occur on June 19, 2017 and will repeat every month at the same time. Results will be announced on her show What the Beck on YouTube, and winners will be featured across social media accounts for Beck Flatley, What the Beck? and

How will you know what shirt I want? 

Beck is psychic. If you give her a few simple hints like what shirt design, size, color you want and where to send it, she'll magically know how to make it appear at your house. I hope you win so you can see how impressive this talent is. Winners will be contacted by Beck herself with the good news and you'll just let her know what you want (T-shirt wise) and where to send it! All for clicking a button. Go you.  

Sounds Cool. What's the fine print?

We don't believe in fine print. Squinting creates wrinkles and we're trying to make you look good here, not older. In case you breezed by it, the contest says you can win a free "T-shirt" - which means you can pick any (1) T-shirt (not sweatshirt, not mug, not any other product but a T-shirt) Any size - any color - any design - the choice is yours! Beck will cover the shipping, tax, all of it, as a token of her appreciation for being a loyal subscriber. You're awesome. It's time you accept it. In T-shirt form.

Happy Watching & Good Luck! 


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