All Dinosaurs Go To Heaven Coffee Mug
All Dinosaurs Go To Heaven Coffee Mug

All Dinosaurs Go To Heaven Coffee Mug Mugs

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Just like dogs, our large reptilian friends also go to heaven when they die. Jesus said so. In the bible. Although that part was edited out by King James who actually had an intense phobia of dinosaurs. He often awoke screaming in the middle of the night tormented by dreams of trying to escape their treacherous claws. It was pretty intense. So don't let that guy's fear of dinosaurs stop you from speaking the truth. Let it be known far and wide that all dinosaurs go to heaven.

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    Product Information:

    • Ceramic
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Microwave safe
      • 11 oz
      • 15 oz

      Available Colors:

      • White (just like Jesus wasn't)

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