Blood of the Innocent Coffee Mug
Blood of the Innocent Coffee Mug

Blood of the Innocent Coffee Mug Mugs

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Some people are sensitive to caffeine and have to go with decaf. Others need to ramp it up and double or triple the potency to boost their energy level. Then there's those of you that are forced to mainline the blood of the innocent... innocent coffee beans, that is.

Honestly, you're a monster. But at least you're awake.

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    Product Information:

    • Ceramic
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Microwave safe
      • 11 oz
      • 15 oz

      Available Colors:

      • White

      Shop our collection of funny/marginally offensive mugs and maybe make a coffee bar with them. Yeah! Then you could invite people over to smoke corn cob pipes and discuss eighties teen literature like Sweet Valley High and Judy Blume. That would be sweet.

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